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-## <a name="GNU_FSF_amp_RMS"> </a> GNU, FSF &amp; RMS
-GNU stands for GNU's Not [[Unix]]. It is a project announced in 1983 by
-[[RichardStallman]] (RMS). The Free Software Foundation
-([FSF]( was founded in 1985 to act as a parent
-organization for GNU and many other projects. GNU and some non-GNU projects
-are now hosted on the [Savannah]( platform similar to
-<dd> Background information about the GNU Project. </dd>
-<dd> A page describing the name GNU itself and it's usage. </dd>
-<dd> A founding document that still influences the system's technical design and moral philosophy. </dd>
-<dt> FAQ Link</dt>
-<dd> What is the relation between <a href="" target="_top">GNU and Hurd</a>? </dd>
-<dt> Assisting</dt>
-<dd> If you would like to help the GNU movement visit the official site at <a href="" target="_top"></a>. </dd>
-<dd> Information about other GNU projects. </dd>
-<dt><a href="" target="_top">gnu-system-discuss</a></dt>
-<dd> Mailing list for discussion about the GNU system. </dd>