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@@ -47,3 +47,27 @@ Mach run as a POSIX user-space process|open_issues/mach_on_top_of_posix]], or
by implementing the [[Mach IPC|microkernel/mach/ipc]] facility (as well as
several others) as Linux kernel modules. While there have been some
experiments, no such port has been completed yet.
+# IRC, freenode, #hurd, 2013-09-05
+ <rah> what would be required to port the hurd to sparc?
+ <pinotree> port gnumach, write the sparc bits of mach/hurd in glibc, and
+ maybe some small parts in hurd itself too
+ <rah> what would be required to port gnumach? :-)
+ <braunr> a new arch/ directory
+ <braunr> bootstrap code
+ <braunr> pmap (mmu handling) code
+ <braunr> trap handling
+ <braunr> basic device support (timers for example)
+ <braunr> besides, sparc is a weird beast
+ <braunr> so expect to need to work around tricky issues
+ <braunr> in addition, sparc is dead
+ <rah> mmm
+ <rah> it's not totally dead
+ <rah> the T1 chips and their decendents are still in production
+ <rah> the thing is I'd like to have real hardware for the hurd
+ <rah> and if I'm going to have two machines running at once, I'd rather one
+ of them was my UltraSPARC box :-)
+ <braunr> rah: unless you work hard on it, it's unlikely you'll get it
+ <rah> braunr: of course