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@@ -91,6 +91,7 @@ people who would like to dive into the code but just lack a "somewhere to begin
* Create a Wiki page with all presentations about the Hurd. Many are referenced here in the Wiki, but they are not easy to find.
+ ([[!taglink open_issue_documentation]])
* Add `UTIME_NOW` and `UTIME_OMIT`. It is a matter of taking the BSD values, add the `#define`s to the proper header, and implement the support in `*_S_file_utimes` functions. Flávio Cruz has submitted a patch, now being polished.
See also [[!debbug 762677]].
* Some translators do not support [[hurd/fsysopts]], i.e. support for the
@@ -105,9 +106,6 @@ part:1:file:/home/samy/tmp/foo`). This would be libnetfs-based.
* Write [[virtio drivers for KVM|open_issues/virtio#KVM]].
* Move the [[mount/umount|open_issues/glibc#mount]] logic from
`utils/{,u}mount.c` into [[glibc]].
-* Fix [[`/proc/self`|hurd/translator/procfs/jkoenig/discussion#self]].
-Look at `[glibc]/hurd/lookup-retry.c` for how [[`FS_RETRY_MAGICAL`
-lookups|hurd/interface/dir_lookup]] work.
* Add a tool to trace system calls, by using gnumach's Syscall-Emulation, see <>
* Improve our [[FUSE library|hurd/libfuse]].
* Add a relatime or lazytime option to ext2fs.