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-[[!meta copyright="Copyright © 2009, 2010, 2012 Free Software Foundation,
+[[!meta copyright="Copyright © 2009, 2010, 2012, 2018 Free Software Foundation,
[[!meta license="""[[!toggle id="license" text="GFDL 1.2+"]][[!toggleable
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[[!meta title="Porting libgtop"]]
-/!\ On 2012-05-05 Andjos reported (commit
-web.git:8061106f2d1f15fa9a54947bc45d4cba68d89bba) that this task has already
-been completed.
+[[!template id=highlight text="""/!\ Obsolete /!\
+This is no longer valid as a Google Summer of Code project; it's done."""]]
libgtop is a library used by many applications (especially GNOME applications)
to abstract the system-specific methods for obtaining information about the
@@ -33,7 +36,3 @@ This task doesn't require any specific previous knowledge (besides of general
C/UNIX programming skills of course); but during the course of the project,
some knowledge about Hurd internals will have to be obtained, along with a bit
of Debian stuff.
-Possible mentors: Samuel Thibault (youpi)
-Exercise: Fix one of the shortcomings in the existing procfs implementation.