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In the [[GNU Hurd|hurd]], a lot of what is traditionlly considered to be a UNIX
system call is implemented (primarily by means of [[RPC]]) inside [[glibc]].
+# IRC, freenode, #hurd, 2013-06-15
+ <braunr> true system calls are always implemented the same way, by the
+ kernel, using traps or specialized instructions that enable crossing from
+ user to kernel space
+ <braunr> glibc simply translates function calls to system calls by packing
+ arguments appropriately and using that trap or syscall instruction
+ <braunr> on microkernel based systems however, true system calls are
+ normally used only for IPC
+ <braunr> so we also use the term syscall to refer to those RPCs that
+ provide system services
+ <braunr> e.G. open() is a call to a file system server (and maybe several
+ actually)