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Users can now publish anonymous read-only Git repositories from their home directories.
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is included in the section entitled
[[GNU Free Documentation License|/fdl]]."]]"""]]
-Git repositories on Savannah: <>.
+[[!toc levels=3]]
+# Git repositories on Savannah
* [[glibc]]
* [[incubator]]
* ...
-# Branches
+## Branches
Members of the [[Hurd Savannah group|rules/savannah group]] are allowed to create
branches without formal permission:
@@ -68,7 +72,7 @@ To give a concrete example, the latter one was created like this:
$ ...
$ git push master-unionmount
-## Merging
+### Merging
Merging between Git branches is trivial, at least as long as no conflicts
@@ -92,11 +96,11 @@ It is explicitly encouraged to *merge* changes from working branches into the
mainline branches (as opposed to *rebase* them on top), as the former mode
easily allows to determine the context under which a patch has been developed.
-# Tags
+## Tags
Equivalent rules apply.
-# Behavior
+## Behavior
Try to not introduce spurious, unneeded changes, e.g., whitespace changes.
@@ -107,7 +111,7 @@ written by ourselves, including new files, of course.
GNU Mach code is largely based on external code. Don't GNU-ify it, as this
would make merging external patches unnecessarily difficult.
-## Commit messages
+### Commit messages
We no longer maintain parallel `ChangeLog` and commit messages. When needed,
the `ChangeLog` files can be created automatically from the commit messages.
@@ -147,7 +151,7 @@ debugging stuff that will be removed again before merging your development
branch into the mainline. Sometimes the one-line summary might already
suffice. But please do write something.
-## Behavior on *private* branches
+### Behavior on *private* branches
Even though you are said to be the owner of branches tagged with your
`SAVANNAH_LOGIN`, it is generally nevertheless good to not do history-rewriting
@@ -158,3 +162,33 @@ We could establish a branch-tagging policy for branches that others should
expect their history possibly to be rewritten. This may be useful for branches
that are only meant for aggregating the changes of (several) development
branches, like an imaginary `master-proposed_for_general_testing` branch.
+# Git repositories on flubber
+[[flubber|public hurd boxen]] is
+[[configured|public_hurd_boxen/installation/flubber]] in a way so that users
+can publish Git repositories from their home directories. The only thing to do
+is to put an empty `.git/git-daemon-export-ok` (cf. [*git daemon*'s manual
+page]( into
+the repository, or just `git-daemon-export-ok` for
+For example, the [[contributing/web pages]] repository is made available like
+this: `~hurd-web/hurd-web` is a bare repository; there is an empty
+`~hurd-web/hurd-web/git-daemon-export-ok` file. Users can clone the repository
+like this:
+ $ git clone git://
+Another example, [[Thomas Schwinge|tschwinge]] has a checkout of
+[[hurd/libpthread]] in `~tschwinge/tmp/hurd/libpthread/`, the
+`~tschwinge/tmp/hurd/libpthread/.git/git-daemon-export-ok` file exists. If you
+really need to, you can clone it like this:
+ $ git clone git://
+## List of Interesting Repositories
+ * web pages: git://