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-# IRC, unknown channel, unknown date.
- <youpi> oh my, disabling gzip/bzip2 support makes apt preconfigure hang
- <youpi> support in exec* I meant
- <youpi> now a funny bug: if I disable gzip/bzip2 support from exec
- <youpi> trying to run a zero-byte file hangs
-Justus: This doesn't seem to be an issue anymore (2013-09-08):
- % touch empty
- % chmod +x empty
- % ./empty
- zsh: exec format error: ./empty
- % bash
- $ ./empty
- $
-Also I've never encountered a problem with apt.
-## IRC, freenode, #hurd, 2013-08-01
- <teythoon> uh, all the non trivial exec server code has #ifdef'd BFD code
- all over it and it looks like that isn't even used anymore
- <teythoon> that's too bad actually, I figured out how to get the values
- from BFD, not so for the other elf parser that is used instead
-## IRC, freenode, #hurd, 2013-08-05
- <teythoon> btw, there is a Debian bug concerning zipped executables. now
- I'm not sure if I understood the problem, but gziped and bzip2ed
- executables work for me
- <teythoon> (not that I'm a big fan of that particular feature)
- <youpi> iirc these somehow got fixed yes
- <youpi> something like a previous out of bound access
- <teythoon> the exec server contains lot's of code that is unused and
- probably bit rot (#ifdef BFD) or otherwise ignored (#if 0)
- <youpi> yes :/
- <teythoon> and there's gunzipping and bunzip2ing, which we probably don't
- want anyway
- <pinotree> why not?
- <teythoon> we should strip all that from exec and start adding features
- <teythoon> pinotree: b/c it's slow and the gain is questionable
- <teythoon> it breaks mmapping the code in
- <teythoon> exec/exec.c is huge (~2300 lines) and complex and it is an
- essential server
- <teythoon> and I wonder if the unzipping is done securely, e. g. if it's
- not possible to crash exec with an maliciously compressed executable
-## IRC, freenode, #hurd, 2013-09-12
- <rekado> The zip code in hurd/exec/ looks really complicated; does it
- really just unpack zipped files in memory (which could be replaced by
- library calls) or is there something else going on?
- <braunr> rekado:
- <rekado> braunr: interesting. Thanks.
- <rekado> Does this mean that the "small hack entry" on the contributing
- page to use libz and libbz2 in exec is no longer valid?
- <braunr> probably
-May want to have a look at using BFD / libiberty/simpleobject.
-Justus: The BFD code has been removed from the exec server.