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[[table class="table_style_1" data="""
"Host Name","Operator","Access","Distro","Machine Specs","Comments"
-"","Barry de Freese (bddebian)","ssh; port 2250","Debian","PII 550 MHz; 384 MiB"
-"","Barry de Freese (bddebian)","ssh; port 2251","Debian","PIII 1 GHz; 384 MiB"
-"","Barry de Freese (bddebian)","ssh; port 2254","Debian","PII 733 MHz; 384 MiB"
-"","Alastair Poole (AlastairPoole)","ssh; port 24","GNU","AMD Sempron 2800 MHz","not sure if this machine is still alive"
+"","[[Barry_de_Freese|bddebian]]","ssh; port 2250","Debian","PII 550 MHz; 384 MiB"
+"","[[Barry_de_Freese|bddebian]]","ssh; port 2251","Debian","PIII 1 GHz; 384 MiB"
+"","[[Barry_de_Freese|bddebian]]","ssh; port 2254","Debian","PII 733 MHz; 384 MiB"
+"","[[AlastairPoole]]","ssh; port 24","GNU","AMD Sempron 2800 MHz","not sure if this machine is still alive"
To request an account on the `*` machines either contact