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and stack issues to be
<gnu_srs> fixed for wine to run as braunr pointed out some months ago
(IRC?) when we discussed wine.
+# IRC, freenode, #hurd, 2013-12-29
+ <Andre_H> Hi,
+ seems
+ fixed in Debian GNU/Hurd 2013, do you know which patch they used? i
+ already asked in their channel, but well, there are only 18 people :)
+ <youpi> Andre_H: it hasn't been fixed in Debian GNU/Hurd. Work is discussed
+ on the bug-hurd mailing list
+ <Andre_H> youpi: thx for the info, i wonder why wine now works with some
+ hacks, but didn't in the past
+ <youpi> I guess some circumvention patch was added to wine
+ <youpi> does it actually really work, as in running applications for real?
+ <youpi> (I've nevere tried)
+ <Andre_H> youpi: i'm a wine developer and haven't seen circumventions for
+ hurd... i also just tried winelib apps last night, will try... let's say
+ powerpoint viewer today
+ <gnu_srs> Andre_H: How did you make wine run? I have patches for wine-1.4.1
+ and 1.6.1 to build (so far unpublished), but it does not yet run
+ properly.
+ <gnu_srs> test case: wine notepad
+ <Andre_H> gnu_srs: what's happening when you try that?
+ <gnu_srs> Andre_H: Currently it hangs at connect() (after creating the
+ /tmp/.wine1000/.../socket, etc, and starting again)
+ <gnu_srs> seems to be some problem with the HURD_DPORT_USE macro in eglibc,
+ investigation ongoing
+ <Andre_H> gnu_srs: well, i'm using the debian distro, maybe you're on
+ something else? you could also pastebin your hacks, so i could have a
+ look. i'm about to clean mine up to send them upstream... ntdll will be
+ quite hard...
+## IRC, freenode, #hurd, 2013-12-30
+ <gnu_srs> wine runs:)
+ <gnu_srs> It's just extremely slow.,..
+ <gnu_srs> gg0: please don't reopen #733604 , I've filed an updated one:
+ #7336045
+ <gnu_srs> #733605
+ <gg0> gnu_srs: i've reassigned it from wine-1.6 (nonexistent) to wine
+ (correct), then to src:wine (more correct), but between such
+ reassignments you closed it so found command in the latter made it
+ reopening
+ <gg0> then i realized you could mess up bugs on your own, without help :)
+ <gnu_srs> gg0: tks anyway, now it is src:wine and the title is right. Maybe
+ you should have noted me on IRC?
+ <Andre_H> gnu_srs: what's your status about wine? i'm still about to get
+ things upstream...
+ <gnu_srs> Andre_H: see debian bug #733605
+## IRC, freenode, #hurd, 2013-12-31
+ <Andre_H> gnu_srs: i didn't need the patches for
+ dlls/mountmgr.sys/diskarb.c, maybe due to missing headers
+## IRC, freenode, #hurd, 2014-01-06
+ <Andre_H> Wanted to note that
+ is wrong about
+ socket credentials, afaik they are still not implemented but that doesn't
+ block Wine anymore
+ <Andre_H> In fact all you need to run Wine are the patches followed by
+ (not yet upstream) or see
+ <braunr> Andre_H: thanks for your report
+ <Andre_H> np :)
+ <Andre_H> braunr: can someone update
+ please?
+ <braunr> Andre_H: well, you can :)
+ <Andre_H> log in with google -> check guidelines of your wiki -> try out
+ your wiki syntax -> laziness alarm :)
+ <gnu_srs> Andre_H: The reason why wine runs now is a bug in SCM_CREDS was
+ fixed, see the wine-devel ML.
+ <gnu_srs> Andre_H: s/SCM_CREDS/SCM_RIGHTS/
+ <Andre_H> gnu_srs: already updated our wiki :)
+ <Andre_H> gnu_srs: would you mind updating yours:
+ :)
+ <Andre_H> gnu_srs: two commits for wine are in now :)
+## IRC, freenode, #hurd, 2014-01-11
+ <gnu_srs1> Andre_H: Looks like the two committed patches did not go into
+ wine-1.6.2:-(
+ <gnu_srs1> Additionally, your PATH_MAX fixes was not accepted?
+ <Andre_H> gnu_srs1: well, the stable branch is called stable because not
+ everything get's there :)7
+ <Andre_H> gnu_srs1: the PATH_MAX patch needs more thinking...