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<pere> failing rpcinfo -p on hurd reported as <URL: >. Anyone got a clue how to debug it?
+## IRC, OFTC, #debian-hurd, 2014-03-03
+ <pere> I was just tipped by sesse that the hurd fix for libtirpc probably
+ caused RC bug in nfs-common, <URL: >.
+ Have not had time to check it out more closely.
+## IRC, OFTC, #debian-hurd, 2014-03-04
+ <youpi> pere: I don't really see how debian/patches/05-hurd-port.diff could
+ break Linux' libtirpc
+ <youpi> AIUI, the patch has zero effect on non-hurd builds
+ <youpi> oh wait
+ <youpi> it's simply missing a reautoconf to get HAVE_SYS_USER_H undefined
+ in
+ <pere> youpi: I am quite sure I did add the required dh_autoreconf call.
+ did you see a build log where it was missing?
+ <youpi> pere: ah, ok. Then 02-rerun-bootstrap.diff can be dropped
+ <youpi> and I don't have any further idea
+ <youpi> pere: maybe it's the autoreconf itself which broke something?
+ <pere> could be. not quite sure how to find out.
+ <gnu_srs> pere: what about running autoreconf on the previous (working
+ version)?
+ <pere> gnu_srs: sound like a good idea. perhaps a good idea to just
+ disable the two patches as a start.