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-TI-RPC replaces glibc's Sun RPC implementation, [[!message-id
-It needs some work on our side, [[!message-id
-Then, the Hurd's [[hurd/translator/nfs]] translator and [[hurd/nfsd]] can be
-re-enabled, [[!message-id ""]].
-## IRC, freenode, #hurd, 2014-02-19
- <pere> hi. I'm trying to port libtirpc to get rcpbind on hurd, and am
- unable to find IPV6_PORTRANGE and IPV6_PORTRANGE_LOW. is this a known
- problem with a known fix?
- <braunr> what are they supposed to be ?
- <pere> braunr: found them described in <URL:
- >.
- <braunr> "The IPV6_PORTRANGE socket option and the conflict resolution rule
- are not defined in the RFCs and should be considered implementation
- dependent
- <braunr> "
- <braunr> hm
- <braunr> if we have that, they're very probably not accessible from outside
- our network stack
- <pere> needed feature on hurd, in other words...
- <braunr> why ?
- <pere> If I remember correctly, SO_PEERCRED is also missing?
- <braunr> yes ..
- <braunr> that one is important
- <pere> braunr: you wonder why the IPV6_PORTRANGE socket option was created?
- <braunr> i wonder why it's needed
- <braunr> does linux have it ?
- <pere> yes, linux got it.
- <braunr> same name ?
- <pere> it make it possible for some services to work with some
- firewalls. :)
- <pere> yes, same name, as far I can tell.
- <braunr> they could merely bind ports explicitely, couldn't they ?
- <pere> not always.
- <braunr> or is it for servers on creation of a client socket ?
- <pere> see <URL:
- >
- for an example I came across.
- <braunr> i don't find these macros on linux :/
- <pere> how strange. libtirpc build on linux.
- <braunr> is there a gitweb or so somewhere ?
- <braunr> i can't find it on sf :/
- <pere> for <URL: >, you mean?
- <braunr> yes
- <pere> no idea.
- <braunr> are you looking at upstream 0.2.4 or a particular debian package ?
- <pere> I'm looking at the debian package.
- <braunr> let me take a look
- <pere> is my first draft patch to get the
- source building.
- <braunr> ok so
- <braunr> in src/bindresvport.c
- <braunr> if you look carefully, you'll see that these _PORTRANGE macros are
- used in non linux code
- <braunr> not very portable but it explains why you hit the problem
- <braunr> try using #if defined (__linux__) || defined(__GNU__)
- <braunr> also, i think we intend to implement SCM_CREDS, not SO_PEERCRED
- <braunr> but consider we have neither for now
- <pere> ah, definitely a simpler fix.
- <braunr> pere: btw, see
- <pere> <URL: > with patch reporte.d
-## IRC, freenode, #hurd, 2014-02-20
- <pere> new libtirpc with hurd fixes just uploaded to debian. should fix
- the rpcbind build too.
-## IRC, OFTC, #debian-hurd, 2014-02-20
- <pere> hm, rpcbind built with freshly patched libtirpc fail to work on
- hurd. no idea why.
- <pere> running 'rpcinfo -p' show 'rpcinfo: can't contact portmapper: RPC:
- Success'
- <teythoon> o_O
- <pere> I have no idea how to debug it. :(
- <pere> anyway, I've found that rpcinfo is the broken part. rpcbind work,
- when I test it from a remote machine.
-## IRC, OFTC, #debian-hurd, 2014-02-21
- <pere> failing rpcinfo -p on hurd reported as <URL:
- >. Anyone got a clue how to debug it?
-## IRC, OFTC, #debian-hurd, 2014-03-03
- <pere> I was just tipped by sesse that the hurd fix for libtirpc probably
- caused RC bug in nfs-common, <URL: >.
- Have not had time to check it out more closely.
-## IRC, OFTC, #debian-hurd, 2014-03-04
- <youpi> pere: I don't really see how debian/patches/05-hurd-port.diff could
- break Linux' libtirpc
- <youpi> AIUI, the patch has zero effect on non-hurd builds
- <youpi> oh wait
- <youpi> it's simply missing a reautoconf to get HAVE_SYS_USER_H undefined
- in
- <pere> youpi: I am quite sure I did add the required dh_autoreconf call.
- did you see a build log where it was missing?
- <youpi> pere: ah, ok. Then 02-rerun-bootstrap.diff can be dropped
- <youpi> and I don't have any further idea
- <youpi> pere: maybe it's the autoreconf itself which broke something?
- <pere> could be. not quite sure how to find out.
- <gnu_srs> pere: what about running autoreconf on the previous (working
- version)?
- <pere> gnu_srs: sound like a good idea. perhaps a good idea to just
- disable the two patches as a start.