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+[[!meta title="Degradation of GNU/Hurd ``system performance''"]]
+Email, *id:""* (bug-hurd, 2011-07-25,
+Thomas Schwinge)
+> Building a certain GCC configuration on a freshly booted system: 11 h.
+> Remove build tree, build it again (2nd): 12 h 50 min. Huh. Remove build
+> tree, reboot, build it again (1st): back to 11 h. Remove build tree, build
+> it again (2nd): 12 h 40 min. Remove build tree, build it again (3rd): 15 h.
+IRC, freenode, #hurd, 2011-07-23
+ < antrik> tschwinge: yes, the system definitely gets slower with
+ time. after running for a couple of weeks, it needs at least twice as
+ long to open a new shell for example
+ < antrik> I don't know whether this is only related to swap usage, or there
+ are some serious fragmentation issues
+ < braunr> antrik: both could be induced by fragmentation