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+\#hurd, 2010, end of May / beginning of June
+ <cfhammar> whats the difference between mach-defpager and defpager?
+ <cfhammar> i'm guessing defpager is a hurdish version that uses libstore but was never finished or something
+ <cfhammar> found an interesting thread about it:
+ <slpz> antrik: an interesting thread, indeed :-)
+ <pochu> slpz: btw is mach-defpager linked statically but not called mach-defpager.static on purpose?
+ <slpz> antrik: also, I can confirm that mach-defpager needs a complete rewrite ;-)
+ <slpz> pochu: I think the original defpager was launched by serverboot
+ <slpz> pochu: that could be the reason to have it static, like ext2fs
+ <slpz> and since there's no need to execute it again during the normal operation of the system, they probably decided to not create a dynamically linked version
+ <slpz> (but I'm just guessing)
+ <slpz> of perhaps they wanted to prevent mach-defpager from the need of reading libraries, since it's used when memory is really scarce (guessing again)