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<braunr> removing the libports_stability patch exposed bugs in libpthread,
triggering assertions when queueing/dequeue threads from a queue (but i
don't know which one / in which function)
+## IRC, freenode, #hurd, 2013-06-25
+ <pinotree> braunr:
+ <pinotree> make: ./pthread/pt-internal.h:122: __pthread_enqueue: Assertion
+ `thread->prevp == 0' failed. \o/
+ <pinotree> (it should rather be /o\, but better pretend not)
+ <braunr> pinotree: yes, we regularly see it
+ <braunr> pinotree: how long has the machine been running at this point ?
+ <pinotree> dunno, you should ask samuel about that
+ <pinotree> does it happen after N hours/days?
+ <braunr> a few days of moderate to high activity yes
+ <pinotree> ah ok
+ <braunr> and i actually see this error much more often when i disable the
+ libports stability patch in the hurd debian package
+ <braunr> so i guess something is wrong with thread recycling
+ <braunr> but i wanted to completely rewrite that part with the new kernel
+ call i asked bddebian to work on :)