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+## IRC, freenode, #hurd, 2012-07-17
+ <gnu_srs> I've found the remaining problem with gnat backtrace for Hurd!
+ Related to the stack frame.
+ <gnu_srs> This version does not work: one relying on static assumptions
+ about the frame layout
+ <gnu_srs> Causing segfaults.
+ <gnu_srs> Any interest to create a test case out of that piece of code,
+ taken from gcc/ada/tracebak.c?
+ <braunr> gnu_srs: sure
+### IRC, freenode, #hurd, 2012-07-18
+ <braunr> "Digging further revealed that the GNU/Hurd stack frame does not
+ seem to
+ <braunr> be static enough to define USE_GENERIC_UNWINDER in
+ gcc/ada/tracebak.c.
+ <braunr> "
+ <braunr> what do you mean by a "stack frame does not seem to be static
+ enough" ?
+ <gnu_srs> I can qoute from the source file if you want. Otherwise look at
+ the code yourself: gcc/ada/tracebak,c
+ <gnu_srs> I mean that something is wrong with the stack frame for
+ Hurd. This is the code I wanted to use as a test case for the stack.
+ <gnu_srs> Remember?
+ <braunr> more or less
+ <braunr> ah, "static assumptions"
+ <braunr> all right, i don't think anything is "wrong" with stack frames
+ <braunr> but if you use a recent version of gcc, as indicated in the code,
+ -fomit-frame-pointer is enabled by default
+ <braunr> so your stack frame won't look like it used to be without the
+ option
+ <braunr> hence the need for USE_GCC_UNWINDER
+ <braunr> explains this very well
+ <gnu_srs> However, kfreebsd does not seem to need USE_GCC_UNWINDER, how
+ come?
+ <braunr> i guess they don't omit the frame pointer
+ <braunr> your fix is good btw
+ <gnu_srs> thanks
+### IRC, freenode, #hurd, 2012-07-19
+ <gnu_srs> tschwinge: The bug in #681998 should go upstream. Applied in
+ Debian already. Hopefully this is the last patch needed for the port of
+ GNAT to Hurd.