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<!-- This is just a skeleton. Use it to create a new QotH. -->
-A quarter of the Hurd, Q2 of 2012: *GSoC*, *barrier of entry* and *porting*.
+A quarter of the Hurd, Q2 of 2012: *GSoC*, *barrier of entry*, *core* and *porting*.
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+### GSoC
This quarter Jeremie Koenig released the final [report](
-on his **GSoC** project Java on Hurd along with a summary of his changes
+on his GSoC project Java on Hurd along with a summary of his changes
and the
he bested. In a similar track, Samuel Thibault
@@ -43,6 +45,8 @@ making it easier to port POSIX programs, and Samuel Thibault
further improving the standards conformance of the Hurd and paving the
way for C++11x.
+### Barrier of Entry
Samuel Thibault, Ludovic Courtès and Thomas Schwinge reduced the
barrier of entry into hacking the Hurd.
@@ -74,13 +78,17 @@ reducing the barrier of entry to improving them, so integrating cvs
and samba in the filesystem and using FUSE translators can be
stabilized more easily. Also he
[improved the Hurd build system](,
-making it easier to get in: “running autoreconf is all you need”.
+making it easier to get in:
+ “running autoreconf is all you need”
Additionally Roland McGrath
[merged many libc changes](
for upstream inclusion, reducing the maintenance load for getting
recent improvements of libc.
+### The Core of the Hurd
Ludovic Courtes, Maksym Planeta, Samuel Thibault and Richard Braun
took a dive into the core of the Hurd. Ludovic
[fixed invalid port deallocation in `symlink'](
@@ -101,6 +109,8 @@ in the deepest core of the Mach, Richard improved memory mapping
[with a red-black tree](,
which should speed up memory access.
+### Porting
As in the previous quarters, we also saw lots of ported packages,
including Richards work on