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+is included in the section entitled [[GNU Free Documentation
+[[!meta date="2013-09-27 21:59 UTC"]]
+Happy 30th birthday, GNU! GNU Hurd 0.5, GNU Mach 1.4, GNU MIG 1.4 released.
+[[!if test="included()" then="""[[!toggle id=full_news
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+Which day could be better suited for publishing a set of Hurd package releases
+than the [GNU project's 30th birthday](
+... and here we have our birthday presents:
+ * **GNU Hurd 0.5**: [[!message-id desc=announcement
+ ""]],
+ [NEWS](
+ * **GNU Mach 1.4**: [[!message-id desc=announcement
+ ""]],
+ [NEWS](
+ * **GNU MIG 1.4**: [[!message-id desc=announcement
+ ""]],
+ [NEWS](
+These new releases bundle bug fixes and enhancements done since the
+last releases more than a decade ago; really too many (both years and
+improvements) to list them individually, but please see the NEWS files.
+Many thanks to all the people who are helping!
+If you want to give the Hurd a try, you may easily do so with [[Debian
+Please read the [[FAQ]].
+Bug reports should be sent to [[mailing_lists/bug-hurd]] or filed on
+<>. Requests for assistance
+should be sent to [[mailing_lists/help-hurd]] or filed on
+<>. You can also find us on
+the Freenode IRC network in the [[#hurd|IRC]] channel.
+The **GNU Hurd** is the GNU project's replacement for the Unix kernel. It is a
+collection of servers that run on the Mach microkernel to implement file
+systems, network protocols, file access control, and other features that are
+implemented by the Unix kernel or similar kernels (such as Linux). [[More
+**GNU Mach** is the microkernel upon which a GNU Hurd system is based. It
+provides an Inter Process Communication (IPC) mechanism that the Hurd uses to
+define interfaces for implementing in a distributed multi-server fashion the
+services a traditional operating system kernel provides. [[More