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+is included in the section entitled
+The Toronto Hurd Users Group meets again: The <A
+HREF=""> University of Waterloo</A> <A
+HREF="">Computer Science Club</A> will
+be hosting talks on the GNU&nbsp;Hurd on October 26 by Marcus Brinkmann and
+Neal Walfield. There will also be a <A
+HREF="">GnuPG</A> keysigning before Marcus's
+talk. Please email <A HREF="">Ryan
+Golbeck</A> your <A HREF="">GnuPG</A> key so he
+can get everyone setup.</P>
+<P>Marcus will talk about <A
+Hurd interfaces</A>. Neal will talk about about
+<A HREF="">
+A GNU Approach to Virtual Memory Management in a Multiserver Operating
+<P>Date: 26 Oct 2002</P>
+<P>Time: 1330 (1:30pm EST) and 1500 (3:00pm EST)</P>
+<P>Place: University of Waterloo, Math and Computers building, room MC
+<P>More information can be found at <A
+HREF=""> UW CS Club website</A> and
+at <A HREF=""></A>