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+[[toc ]]
+# About
+This is a small collection of links to external documents describing the Mach Interface Generator used by GNU Mach.
+# MIG and C Thread Programming
+A tutorial which demonstrates the use of the C Threads library primitives in writing a multithreaded program and the use of the Mach Interface Generator (MIG) to generate remote procedure calls for interprocess communication. Like its companion tutorial, it is based on the Mach 2.5 system. However, the concepts are applicable to Mach 3.0 user level programming.
+Linda R. Walmer and Mary R. Thompson. **A Programmer's Guide to the Mach User Environment**. [PostScript ]([Doc]( February 1988. School of Computer Science, Carnegie Mellon University.
+An ftp directory containing the [mig programming examples]( for this tutorial.
+Slides to Rich Drave's talk on Mig, the Mach Interface Generator, on November 21, 1991: [PostScript]( [TeX](
+# Roots
+Mig is an implementation of a subset of the Matchmaker **language**.
+"Matchmaker is a language for specifying and automating the generation of multilingual interprocess communication interfaces. MIG is an interim implementation of a subset of the Matchmaker language that generates C and C++ remote procedure call interfaces for interprocess communication between Mach tasks."
+Richard P. Draves,Michael B. Jones,Mary R. Thompson, **MIG - THE MACH INTERFACE GENERATOR**. [ps]( [doc]( November 1989. Department of Computer Science, Carnegie-Mellon University.
+# Related Work
+See the citations about [Mach and matchmaker: kernel and language support for objectoriented distributed systems]( here. "M. B. Jones and R. F. Rashid, \`Mach and matchmaker: kernel and language support for objectoriented distributed systems', Proceedings of the Conference on Object-Oriented Programming Systems, Languages, and Applications, October 1986, pp. 67--77."