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microkernel/mach/gnumach/projects: Copyright (2005, 2006, 2007) is assigned to the FSF.
This text was written by Sergio Lopez who has papers on file for the GNU Hurd.
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-## <a name="GNU_Mach_Revival_Project"> </a> GNU Mach Revival Project
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This page is a place to keep track of all those things that we need to improve in GNU Mach, so that it is a reliable microkernel for The Hurd, both in terms of stability and performance. If you find anything missing here, please feel free to add a entry with a short description.
@@ -47,5 +54,3 @@ If you want to help with any of the task (thanks!), please send a mail to the ma
* Sound Support ;-)
* WLAN support (ipw2200) with WEP/WPA
* ACPI support
--- [[Main/SergioLopez]] - 20 Dec 2005 (Corrections by Alfred M. Szmidt)