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The port to Xen is a port.
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+Note: since GNU Mach doesn't handle PAE, you need a PAE-disabled Hypervisor.
+- Copy `gnumach-xen` and `hurd-modules` to your dom0 /boot.
+- Copy `hurd` into `/etc/xen`, edit it for fixing access to your hurd / and swap
+- Run `xm create -c hurd`, gnumach should get started.
+- If `xm` complains about networking, it's Xen fault, see Xen documentation for how to configure the network. The simplest way is network-bridge with fixed IPs.
+If you want to generate these images, first get the `gnumach-1-branch-Xen-branch` branch from gnumach CVS.
+Then look for "Ugly" in `kern/bootstrap.c`, how to generate `hurd-modules` is explained there, and you'll have to fix `EXT2FS_SIZE` and `LD_SO_SIZE` by hand.
+Then use
+ ./configure --enable-platform=xen
+ make
+Instead, you can get the binaries at <>.
+The current `hurd-modules` was built from the debian packages `hurd 20070606-2` and `libc0.3 2.6.1-1`.