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+# On Posting
+Before asking a question on a list, first make an effort to find the answer
+to your question. When you ask your question, (1) be details, and (2) demonstrate
+that you have made an effort, e.g., "I am having trouble frobbing the foo. I
+searched the web and only found information regarding how to frob a bar, but
+that seems unrelated."
+List etiquette is to cc the sender and anyone **actively** involved in the
+discussion. Some people don't like this and they set their reply-to header
+appropriately. Respect this.
+It is rarely appropriate to cc multiple lists. Sometimes it is. In that case,
+do so. If in doubt, don't; just choose the single most appropriate list.
+# Main Lists
+The lists are [[unmoderated]] and most of them are hosted on
+<>. Try to post to the appropriate mailing list.
+* [bug-hurd]( -- Technical
+ discussion and bug reports; main development list.
+* [hurd-devel]( -- Low-traffic
+ developers list. (This list is *moderated* and *restricted*; subscribe to
+ [hurd-devel-readers](
+ instead.)
+* [help-hurd]( -- Hurd-specific
+ questions; for users of the Hurd.
+* [web-hurd]( -- Discussion of
+ the <> website and this wiki.
+* [l4-hurd]( -- Discussion
+ regarding a possible [[design_successor|hurd/ng]] to the Hurd.
+* [debian-hurd]( -- Discussion around
+ and questions regarding the [[Debian_GNU/Hurd|hurd/running/debian]]
+ distribution.
+* [gnu-system-discuss](
+ -- Discussion about the [[GNU_system|hurd/running/gnu]].
+Some of the Hurd user groups listed on [[community]] also host additional
+mailing lists.
+# Related
+* [[IRC]]