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The same issue exists in [[hurd/libthreads]].
+### IRC, freenode, #hurd, 2013-05-09
+ <bddebian> braunr: Speaking of which, didn't you say you had another "easy"
+ task?
+ <braunr> bddebian: make a system call that both terminates a thread and
+ releases memory
+ <braunr> (the memory released being the thread stack)
+ <braunr> this way, a thread can completely terminates itself without the
+ assistance of a managing thread or deferring work
+ <bddebian> braunr: That's "easy" ? :)
+ <braunr> bddebian: since it's just a thread_terminate+vm_deallocate, it is
+ <braunr> something like thread_terminate_self
+ <bddebian> But a syscall not an RPC right?
+ <braunr> in hurd terminology, we don't make the distinction
+ <braunr> the only real syscalls are mach_msg (obviously) and some to get
+ well known port rights
+ <braunr> e.g. mach_task_self
+ <braunr> everything else should be an RPC but could be a system call for
+ performance
+ <braunr> since mach was designed to support clusters, it was necessary that
+ anything not strictly machine-local was an RPC
+ <braunr> and it also helps emulation a lot
+ <braunr> so keep doing RPCs :p
+#### IRC, freenode, #hurd, 2013-05-10
+ <braunr> i'm not sure it should only apply to self though
+ <braunr> youpi: can we get a quick opinion on this please ?
+ <braunr> i've suggested bddebian to work on a new RPC that both terminates
+ a thread and releases its stack to help fix libpthread
+ <braunr> and initially, i thought of it as operating only on the calling
+ thread
+ <braunr> do you see any reason to make it work on any thread ?
+ <braunr> (e.g. a real thread_terminate + vm_deallocate)
+ <braunr> (or any reason not to)
+ <youpi> thread stack deallocation is always a burden indeed
+ <youpi> I'd tend to think it'd be useful, but perhaps ask the list
# Open Issues
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