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Porting libpthread to a specific architecture is non-trivial.
-Our libpthread is currently used by / ported to the [[Hurd]] on [[GNU
-Mach|microkernel/mach/gnumach]], some [[microkernel/L4]] variants, and
+Our libpthread is currently used by/ported to the [[Hurd]] on [[GNU
+Mach|microkernel/mach/gnumach]], and [[microkernel/Viengoos]].
+# History
+There has been a libpthread port for Hurd on L4 use (working directly on L4: no
+further OS personality support required), which was dead and has been removed
+in commit a0bca9895bca67591127680860077b2658830e96. This had been superseded
+by a [[microkernel/Viengoos]] port, which has its own branches:
+`master-viengoos` (an implementation of Viengoos that runs on L4) and its
+successor, `master-viengoos-on-bare-metal` (runs directly on x86-64 (and it a
+bit more advanced) and provides everything that `master-viengoos` does and
+There has also been an incomplete and unmaintained PowerPC port which has been
+removed in commit a5387f6a45d6b3f2b381d861f5c288b79da6204f.
# Open Issues