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+While all official development takes place on the mailing lists and the Savannah trackers,
+a lot of discussions are had on IRC as well. Everybody is welcome to join and follow these channels, but please
+respect the below guidelines if you want to participate.
+# Asking Questions
+Please follow these [guidelines](
+when asking your question. Namely: spend some time trying
+to solve the problem on your own (e.g., [search the web](,
+use this wiki, etc.), show us that you did so when you
+ask your question, and provide as many relevant details as possible
+reproducing them as exactly as possible.
+# Staying On-Topic
+Please try to stay on topic.
+* emacs vs. vi **is not** on topic
+* If it is appropriate for a **slashdot comment**, it's **not appropriate**
+ here
+* why GNU sucks is **off-topic**
+* when the next release of the Hurd will be **is inappropriate**
+* you should not advocate your favorite **GNU/Linux** ditribution
+# Pasting Logs
+Sometimes providing a log or some other excerpt of text can
+help solve a problem or answer a question. **Do not** paste
+the log in the channel itself. Instead use a
+[paste bin](
+# Rich Text
+Don't use it. Don't use colors. Don't use bold. Don't use emphasis.
+# Greeting
+If you never contribute to the discussion, there is no need
+to always greet the channel when you enter and before leave.
+# Channels
+All Hurd IRC channels are hosted on [](
+* #hurd - The official Hurd IRC channel. Some of the Hurd developers and users hang out there, and discussions about GNU Hurd, GNU/Hurd and
+Debian GNU/Hurd are had there.
+Local user channels include:
+* #hurd-it - Italian
+* #hurd-es - Spanish
+* #hurdfr - French
+* #hurd-de - German
+# Channel logs
+* [#hurd logs](