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``Some'' Mach documentation.
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-IPC stands for interprocess communication.
+*IPC* stands for *inter-process communication*.
-On [[Unix]], interprocess communication can be achieved using pipes.
+On [[Unix]], inter-process communication can be achieved using pipes.
This is inefficient for large amounts of data as the data must be
copied. This is generally not a problem as most services are
provided by the Unix kernel and Unix is not designed to be
@@ -22,12 +23,14 @@ of many components. As components are separated by their respective
examine and modify the caller's state. The advantage is that if the
protocol is carefully designed, the callee cannot cause the caller
any [[destructive_interference]] thereby removing the need for the
-caller to [[trust]] the callee thus reducing the former's [[tcb]].
+caller to [[trust]] the callee thus reducing the former's [[TCB]].
When done systematically, this can increase the system's [[robustness]].
To this end, microkernels provide richer IPC semantics that include
the ability to transfer [[capabilities|capability]] and to use [[virtual_memory]]
[[mechanism]]s to copy data.
+Continue reading about [[Mach's IPC system|microkernel/mach/IPC]].
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