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putting the bugtracker there didn't seem that great an idea in afterthought - it's currently too inactive. Take it out again, so people rather come to the bug-hurd list. Sorry for pushing too quickly.
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To help the Hurd you can for example (from high level stuff to the inner core)
* [[Contribute_to_these_web_pages|contributing/web_pages]],
-* [[Run_a_GNU/Hurd_system|index#run]], file [bug reports](
-and help others get their systems running,
+* [[Run_a_GNU/Hurd_system|index#run]] and help others get their systems running,
* [[Port_applications|hurd/running/debian/porting]] to work in Hurd,
* Write [[translators|hurd/translator]] to extend the Hurd,
* Work on the [[Hurd_on_Mach|contributing#hurd_on_mach]], or