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* installing a [[GNU/Hurd_distribution|hurd/running/distrib]],
* running it [[in_Xen|microkernel/mach/gnumach/ports/xen]] and
-* boost the code specs [Arctic Armor]( and then
* starting a [[Hurd_qemu_image|hurd/running/qemu]] or [[Hurd_LiveCD|hurd/running/live_cd/]].
And these web pages are a living proof of the usability of the Hurd, as they
@@ -123,16 +122,12 @@ For more details, please read our writeup on the
## How is this site arranged?
-The menu on the upper right area provides a rough structuring about the
+The menu on the upper right corner provides a rough structuring about the
available content. Just follow those topics and explore these pages.
Further information about this site and how it was created can be found in the
-##External links:
These pages are powered by [ikiwiki](