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Elaborate on DSLs, IDLs, code analysis, etc.
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-An *IDL* is an *interface definition language*. The most well-known is CORBA.
+[[!meta title="IDL"]]
+An *IDL* is an *interface definition language* ([[!wikipedia
+Interface_description_language desc="Wikipedia article"]]). A well-known one
+is CORBA. These are [[DSL]]s.
An IDL compiler takes a specification and generates stub code that hides the
transport details, and by this implements a [[RPC]] system.
In the case of [[Mach's MIG|microkernel/mach/mig]], this hides the marshalling
-and unmarshalling of parameters according to [[microkernel/Mach]]'s semantics,
-and invoking the respective [[microkernel/mach/port]] operations.
+and unmarshalling of procedures' parameters to and from
+[[microkernel/mach/message]] format, according to [[microkernel/Mach]]'s
+semantics, and invoking the respective [[microkernel/mach/port]] operations.