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# nsmux
@@ -119,3 +119,24 @@ of the simplest use-case of namespace-based translator selection in
the form of translator `nsmux`. The filter is partially implemented
and this is the immediate goal. Propagating translators down
directories is the next objective.
+## Open Issues
+### IRC, freenode, #hurd, 2013-08-22
+[[!tag open_issue_hurd]]
+ < youpi> err, is nsmux supposed to work at all?
+ < youpi> a mere ls doesn't work
+ < youpi> I'm running it as a user
+ < youpi> echo * does work though
+ < teythoon> ah, yes, nsmux,,is,,funny :p
+ < youpi> well, perhaps but I can't make it work
+ < youpi> well, the trivial ,,hello does work
+ < youpi> but ,,tarfs doesn't seem to be working for instance
+ < youpi> same for ,,mboxfs
+ < youpi> ,,xmlfs seems to somehow work a bit, but not very far...
+ < youpi> so it seems just nobody is caring about putting READMEs wherever
+ appropriate
+ < youpi> e.g. examples in socketio/ ...