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hurd/translator: Implementation languages.
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@@ -57,6 +57,12 @@ the socket API calls (which are mapped by [[glibc]] to equivalent RPC calls)*,
compared to *a [[libdiskfs]]-based translator implements a filesystem, based on
a backing store*.
+As a translator is not different from any other user-space application, it can
+be written in any programming language. The practicable constraint is that an
+interface suitable for doing [[RPC]]s should exist, which currently only exists
+for C ([[microkernel/mach/MIG]]). For Lisp, Perl, [[user/jkoenig/Java]] there
+so far are only experimental and incomplete implementations.
To learn how to write a translator, read the code!
It is well documented, in particular, the header files.
The [[Hurd_Hacking_Guide]] also has a tutorial.