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more details about usb/multicore support, and debian wheezy
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@@ -30,7 +30,7 @@ instance. You can run the X window system, applications that use it such as
gnumeric, iceweasel, and advanced server applications like the Apache webserver.
On the negative side, the support for character devices (like sound
-cards) and other hardware is mostly missing. Although the [[POSIX
+cards) and other hardware (USB, multicore) is mostly missing. Although the [[POSIX
interface|faq/posix_compatibility]] is provided, some additional interfaces
like POSIX shared
memory or semaphores are still under development.
@@ -51,9 +51,9 @@ align="right"
[[Debian GNU/Hurd|running/debian]] closely tracks the progress of the Hurd (and
often includes new features). They offer *LiveCDs and QEMU images* to
-test-drive the Hurd, and about 75% of the Debian software archive are
+test-drive the Hurd, and about 78% of the Debian software archive are
available. The most recent version of the Debian GNU/Hurd port at the time of
-writing was published on 2012 February 21st.
+writing was published on 2013 January 5th. Debian Wheezy will unfortunately not officially release officially the Hurd port, an unofficial release will however be available.
[[hurd/running/Arch_Hurd]] offers *LiveCDs* for testing and installation.