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Updates after the 2013-09-27 releases.
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@@ -38,15 +38,10 @@ Although the [[POSIX
interface|faq/posix_compatibility]] is provided, some additional interfaces
like POSIX shared memory or semaphores are still under development.
-All this applies to the current development version, and not to the
-last release (0.2). We encourage everybody who is interested to try
+We encourage everybody who is interested to try
out the current development version, and send feedback to the Hurd
-The Hurd team doesn't create Hurd-only releases, but instead relies on
-the distributions done by folks from *Debian*, *Arch* (since 2010), and *Nix*
-(since 2012).
[[!img hurd-iceweasel-screenshot-2012-03-21.png size=300x
alt="Iceweasel running on GNU/Hurd"
title="Iceweasel running on GNU/Hurd"
@@ -63,17 +58,6 @@ GNU/Hurd 2013|news/2013-05-debian_gnu_hurd_2013]].
[[hurd/running/Nix]] provides QEMU images.
-That said, the last official release of the Hurd
-without the Debian parts was 0.2 done in 1997 ([[history]]).
-New official releases will be done, as soon as
-the Hurd is sufficently stable and feature
-complete. If an official release of the Hurd were made
-now, people would try the Hurd and be disappointed. People
-already expect delays; to disappoint them in this way as
-well would be unfortunate. Moreover, it would lessen the
-possibility that they would want to try the Hurd again in the future.
## Usability Reports