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2. A [[grub]] boot disk for the floppy disk image needed for booting. The [0\.97 version]( works fine. I downloaded it and renamed to `floppy.img`. Alternatively, the Debian grub-disk package (up till version 0.97-28) is fine as well.
3. You will need a [Debian/Hurd installation CD]( K16 works fine.
+# KVM acceleration
+If your machine supports hardware acceleration, you should really use the kvm variant of qemu, as it speeds things quite a lot. Note however that kvm tends to make assumptions when accelerating things in the linux kernel, you may need some -no-kvm-something option. At the moment in Debian you need to pass
+ -no-kvm-irqchip
+else the boot may hang.
# Installing Debian/Hurd with QEMU