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* File I/O is quite slow.
+## IRC, freenode, #hurd, 2013-05-31
+ <zacts> well the reason I'm asking, is I'm wonder about the eventual
+ possibility of zfs on hurd
+ <pinotree> no, zfs surely not
+ <zacts> *wondering
+ <zacts> pinotree: would that be because of license incompatabilities, or
+ technical reasons?
+ <pinotree> the latter
+ <taylanub> It's just a matter of someone sitting down and implementing it
+ though, not ?
+ <pinotree> possibly
+ <braunr> zacts: the main problem seems to be the interactions between the
+ fuse file system and virtual memory (including caching)
+ <braunr> something the hurd doesn't excel at
+ <braunr> it *may* be possible to find existing userspace implementations
+ that don't use the system cache (e.g. implement their own)
+ <braunr> and they could almost readily use our libfuse version
# Source
[[source_repositories/incubator]], libfuse/master.