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I added a sentence that mentioned how the Hurd has preliminary sound support in the status page. I gave a simple fsysopts example to with the hello translator. I added an fsysopts example to the translator_primer webpage.
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@@ -34,6 +34,15 @@ To try out the simplest of translators, you can go the following simple steps:
"Hello World!"
$ settrans -g hello
$ cat hello
+ $
+ $ fsysopts hello
+ /hurd/hello --contents='Hello World!
+ '
+ $ fsysopts hello --contents='Hello GNU!
+ > '
+ $ cat hello
+ Hello GNU!
+ $
What you do with these steps is first verifying that the file "hello" is empty.
@@ -41,6 +50,10 @@ Then you setup the translator /hurd/hello in the file/node hello.
After that you check the contents of the file, and the translator returns "Hello World!".
+Because you are a curious hacker, you wonder what filesystem options this node has. It turns
+out that the hello translator uses a "contents" option. We can change what the hello
+translator returns with another call to fsysopts.
To finish it,
you remove the translator from the file "hello"
(and tell any active running instances to go away)