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[[!meta title="When will the Hurd be released?"]]
-GNU Hurd 0.8 has been [[released on 2016-05-18|news/2016-05-18-releases]],
-along with GNU Mach 1.7, and GNU MIG 1.7. Read about the [[Hurd's
+GNU Hurd 0.9 has been [[released on 2016-12-18|news/2016-12-18-releases]],
+along with GNU Mach 1.8, and GNU MIG 1.8. Read about the [[Hurd's
> OK, but when will it be finished?
-Well, is the Linux kernel considered to be really "finished"? Hurd 0.8 does
+Well, is the Linux kernel considered to be really "finished"? Hurd 0.9 does
work, but of course it can still become better -- beginning to
[[contribute|contributing]] and [[joining us|how_many_developers]] is the best
way for you to help achieve that. :-)