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@@ -34,6 +34,9 @@ development. For one, this is a good thing: independency; no conflicts of
interests. For another, it is also a bad thing: no dedicated full-time
manpower -- which matters a lot.
+This also answers the question why [[the Hurd still does not do [...] after so
+many years of development|so_many_years]].
# Why So Few?
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@@ -10,12 +10,16 @@ License|/fdl]]."]]"""]]
[[!tag faq/open_issues]]
-[[!meta title="Getting Assertion `__pthread_threads' failed."]]
+[[!meta title="Assertion `__pthread_threads' failed"]]
-Some applications don't link against libpthread, but load plugins which do link against libpthread. This means unexpectedly switch from mono-thread to multi-thread. This is not supported yet, thus the following error:
+Some applications don't themselves link against libpthread, but then load
+plugins which do link against libpthread. This means internally switching from
+single-threading to multi-threading, which is [[not yet
+supported|open_issues/libpthread_dlopen]] by our [[/libpthread]], and results
+in errors such as:
./pthread/../sysdeps/generic/pt-mutex-timedlock.c:70: __pthread_mutex_timedlock_internal: Assertion `__pthread_threads' failed.
-This can be worked around by using
+This can be worked around by explicitly pre-loading libpthread, for example:
-export LD_PRELOAD=/lib/i386-gnu/
+ $ LD_PRELOAD=/lib/i386-gnu/ [application]
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+document under the terms of the GNU Free Documentation License, Version 1.2 or
+any later version published by the Free Software Foundation; with no Invariant
+Sections, no Front-Cover Texts, and no Back-Cover Texts. A copy of the license
+is included in the section entitled [[GNU Free Documentation
+[[!tag open_issue_gnumach]]
+# IRC, freenode, #hurd, 2013-05-10
+ <braunr> what code have you used if any (or is it your own implementation)
+ ?
+ <youpi> I ended up writing my own implementation
+ <braunr> eh :)
+ <youpi> the libahci/ahci code from linux is full of linux-specific stuff
+ <youpi> it would mean working on gluing that
+ <youpi> which woudl rather be just done in block-dde
+ <youpi> I was told at fosdem that ahci is not actually very difficult
+ <youpi> and it isn't indeed
+ <braunr> that's why i usually encourage to use netbsd code
+ <braunr> any chance using ahci might speed up our virtual machines ?
+ <youpi> they are already using DMA, so probably no
+ <youpi> (with the driver I've pushed)
+ <youpi> adding support for tagged requests would permit to submit several
+ requests at a time
+ <youpi> _that_ could improve it
+ <youpi> (it would make it quite more complex too)
+ <youpi> but not so much actually
+ <anatoly> What about virtio? will it speed up?
+ <youpi> probably not so much
+ <youpi> because in the end it works the same
+ <youpi> the guest writes the physical addresse in mapped memory
+ <youpi> kvm performs the read into th epointed memory, triggers an irq
+ <youpi> the guest takes the irq, marks as done, starts the next request,
+ etc.
+ <youpi> most enhancements that virtio could bring can already be achieved
+ with ahci
+ <youpi> one can probably go further with virtio, but doing it with ahci
+ will also benefit bare hardware
+ <pinotree>
+ <youpi> anatoly: aka SATA
+ <anatoly> some sort of general protocol to work with any SATA drive via
+ AHCI-compatible host controller?
+ <braunr> yes
+ <youpi> braunr: I may be mistaken, but it does seem ahci is faster than ide
+ <youpi> possibly because the ide driver is full of hardcoded wait loops
+ <braunr> interesting :)
+ <youpi> usleeps here and there
+ <braunr> oh right
+ <braunr> i wonder how they're actually implemented
+ <youpi> so it would make sense to use that on shattrath
+ <youpi> a nasty buggy busy-loop
+ <braunr> yes but ending when ?
+ <youpi> when a given number of loops have elapsed
+ <youpi> that's where "buggy" applies :)
+ <braunr> ok so buggy implies the loop isn't correctly calibrated
+ <youpi> it isn't calibrated at all actually
+ <braunr> ew
+ <youpi> it was probably calibrated on some 486 or pentium hardware :)
+ <braunr> yeah that's what i imagined too
+ <braunr> we'll need some measurements but if it's actually true, it's even
+ better news
+## IRC, freenode, #hurd, 2013-05-11
+ <youpi> ah, also, worth mentioning: the AHCI driver supports up to 2TiB
+ disks
+ <youpi> (as opposed to our IDE driver which supports only LBA28, 128GiB)
+ <youpi> supporting more than 2TiB would require an RPC change, or using
+ bigger sectors
+ <youpi> (which wouldn't be a bad idea anyway)
+ <braunr> i think we should switch to uint64_t addressable vm_objects
+ <braunr> which would allow to support large files too
+ <youpi> braunr: yep
+## IRC, freenode, #hurd, 2013-05-13
+ <braunr> the hurd, running on vbox, with a sata controler :)
+ <braunr> hum, problem with an extended partition
+ <anatoly_> qemu/kbm doesn't have sata controller, am I right?
+ <braunr> anatoly: recent versions might
+ <braunr>
+ <braunr>
+ <anatoly> braunr: found first link, too. Thanx for the second one
+ <braunr>
+ <braunr> looks ok in recent versions
+ <braunr> looks useful to have virtio drivers though
+ <anatoly> virtio is shown as fastest way for IO in the presentation
+ <anatoly> Hm, failed to run qemu with AHCI enabled
+ <anatoly> qemu 1.1 from debian testing
+ <anatoly> youpi how do run qemu with AHCI enabled?
+## IRC, freenode, #hurd, 2013-05-14
+ <anatoly> can somebody ask youpi how he runs qemu with AHCI please?
+ <gnu_srs> I think he used vbox? Did not find any AHCI option for kvm
+ (1.1.2-+dfsg-6)
+ <anatoly> gnu_srs:
+ <anatoly> but it doesn't work for me the same version of kvm
+ <braunr_> anatoly: have you checked how the debian package builds it ?
+ <anatoly> braunr: mach sees AHCI device
+ <braunr> oh :)
+ <anatoly> the problem is in last option "-device
+ ide-drive,drive=disk,bus=ahci.0"
+ <anatoly> lvm says 'invalid option'
+ <braunr> anatoly: can you give more details please ?
+ <braunr> lvm ?
+ <anatoly> s/lvm/kvm
+ <braunr> i don't understand
+ <braunr> how can mach probe an ahci drive if you can't start kvm ?
+ <anatoly> I ran it without last option
+ <braunr> then why do you want that option ?
+ <anatoly> But, actually I entered command with mistake. I retried it and it
+ works. But got "start ext2fs: ext2fs: device:hd0s2: No such device or
+ address"
+ <anatoly> Sorry for confusing
+ <braunr> that's normal
+ <braunr> it should be sd0s2
+ <bddebian2> Right because the device names are different
+ <braunr> be aware that gnumach couln't see my extended partitions when i
+ tried that yesterday
+ <braunr> i don't know what causes the problem
+ <anatoly> Yeah, I understand, I just note about it to show that it works
+ <braunr> :)
+ <anatoly> And I was wring
+ <anatoly> s/wring/wrong
+ <braunr> is that the version in wheezy ?
+ <anatoly> I'm using testing, but it's same
+ <braunr> great
+ <braunr> the VMs will soon use that then
+ <anatoly> I don't have extended partions
+ <anatoly> Booted with AHCI! :-)
+ <anatoly> It freezes while downloading packages for build-essential
+ fake-root dependencies with AHCI enabled
+ <youpi> anatoly: is the IRQ of the ahci controller the same as for your
+ ethernet device? (you can see that in lspci -v)
+ <anatoly> youpi: will check
+ <anatoly> youpi both uses IRQ 111
+ <anatoly> s/111/11
+ <braunr> aw
+ <youpi> anatoly: ok, that might be why
+ <youpi> is this kvm?
+ <youpi> if so, you can set up a second ahci controler
+ <youpi> and attach devices to it
+ <youpi> so the irq is not the same
+ <youpi> basically, the issue is about dde disabling the irq
+ <youpi> during interrupt handler
+ <youpi> which conflicts with ahci driver needs
+## IRC, freenode, #hurd, 2013-05-15
+ <anatoly> youpi: yes, it's kvm. Will try a second ahci controller
+ <Slex> I read recentrly was added ahci driver, is it in userland or
+ kernel-land?
+ <gnu_srs> kernel-land the change was in gnumach
+## IRC, freenode, #hurd, 2013-05-18
+ <youpi> about the IRQ conflict, it's simply that both dde and the ahci
+ driver need to disable it
+ <youpi> it needs to be coherent somehow
+## IRC, freenode, #hurd, 2013-05-20
+ <anatoly> gnu_srs: kvm -m 1G -drive
+ id=disk,file=<path_hurd_disk_img>,if=none,cache=writeback -device
+ ahci,id=ahci-1 -device ahci,id=ahci-2 -device
+ ide-drive,drive=disk,bus=ahci-2.0
+ <anatoly> who knows what does "ich9-ahci.multifunction=on/off" parameter
+ for kvm's ahci device mean?
+ <anatoly> well, I was a bit incorrect :-) The options is relative to PCI
+ miltifunction devices
+ <anatoly> s/options is relative/options relates
+## IRC, freenode, #hurd, 2013-05-24
+ <anatoly> I don't see freezes anymore while downloading packages with AHCI
+ enabled
+ <youpi> anatoly: by fixing the shared IRQ ?
+ <anatoly> youpi: yes, I added second AHCI as you suggested
+ <youpi> ok
+ <youpi> so it's probably the shared IRQ issue
+ <anatoly> NIC and AHCI have similar IRQ when only one AHCI is enabled
+ <anatoly> according lspci output
+ <youpi> yes
+## IRC, freenode, #hurd, 2013-06-18
+ <braunr> youpi: is there a simple way from hurd to check interrupts ?
+ <youpi> what do you mean by "check interrupts" ?
+ <braunr> if they're shared
+ <youpi> I still don't understand :)
+ <braunr> i'm setting up sata
+ <youpi> ah, knowing the number
+ <braunr> yes
+ <youpi> you can read that from lspci -v
+ <braunr> ok
+ <braunr> thanks
+ <braunr> hum
+ <braunr> i get set root='hd-49,msdos1' in grub.cfg when changing the
+ file to point to sd0
+ <youpi> hum
+ <braunr> i wonder if it's necessary
+ <braunr> i guess i just have to tell gnumach to look for sd0, not grub
+ <braunr> youpi: the trick you mentioned was to add another controler, right
+ ?
+ <youpi> yes
+ <braunr> ok
+ <braunr> youpi: looks fine :)
+ <braunr> and yes, i left hd0 in grub's
+ <braunr> although i have lots of errors on hd0s6 (/home)
+ <braunr> youpi: there must be a bug with large sizes
+ <braunr> i'll stick with ide for now, but at least setting sata with
+ libvirt was quite easy to do
+ <braunr> so we can easily switch later
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@@ -1,5 +1,4 @@
-[[!meta copyright="Copyright © 2013 Free Software Foundation,
+[[!meta copyright="Copyright © 2013 Free Software Foundation, Inc."]]
[[!meta license="""[[!toggle id="license" text="GFDL 1.2+"]][[!toggleable
id="license" text="Permission is granted to copy, distribute and/or modify this
@@ -11,11 +10,11 @@ License|/fdl]]."]]"""]]
[[!tag faq/general faq/_important]]
-[[!meta title="How is it that the Hurd does not do foo and bar, after so many years of development?"]]
+[[!meta title="Why is it that the Hurd still does not do [...] after so many
+years of development?"]]
-Remember that what counts is years.people, not just years, so it
-can't be compared to e.g. Linux or BSD development so trivially. See
-[[how_many_developers|how many developers]] are working on the Hurd, it is
-actually impressive that so much has been done in the past couple of decades
-with so few people.
+Remember that what counts is not just *years* but rather *years x people*, and
+in this regard, the investment into GNU Hurd's development is way below that of
+the Linux kernel or the BSDs. Considering [[how_many_developers]] are (and
+have been) working on the Hurd, it is actually impressive that so much has been
+achieved in the past couple of decades with so few people.
diff --git a/faq/still_useful.mdwn b/faq/still_useful.mdwn
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--- a/faq/still_useful.mdwn
+++ b/faq/still_useful.mdwn
@@ -68,6 +68,6 @@ various servers are designed for this sort of modification.
> drivers are actually Linux drivers running in a separate userland process.
> It also for instance provides very fine-grain virtualization support, such as
-> VPN for only one process, etc.
+> [[VPN for only one process|open_issues/virtualization/networking]], etc.
> etc. etc. The implications are really very diverse...
diff --git a/faq/system_port.mdwn b/faq/system_port.mdwn
index fc710a3e..ca96697c 100644
--- a/faq/system_port.mdwn
+++ b/faq/system_port.mdwn
@@ -47,3 +47,27 @@ Mach run as a POSIX user-space process|open_issues/mach_on_top_of_posix]], or
by implementing the [[Mach IPC|microkernel/mach/ipc]] facility (as well as
several others) as Linux kernel modules. While there have been some
experiments, no such port has been completed yet.
+# IRC, freenode, #hurd, 2013-09-05
+ <rah> what would be required to port the hurd to sparc?
+ <pinotree> port gnumach, write the sparc bits of mach/hurd in glibc, and
+ maybe some small parts in hurd itself too
+ <rah> what would be required to port gnumach? :-)
+ <braunr> a new arch/ directory
+ <braunr> bootstrap code
+ <braunr> pmap (mmu handling) code
+ <braunr> trap handling
+ <braunr> basic device support (timers for example)
+ <braunr> besides, sparc is a weird beast
+ <braunr> so expect to need to work around tricky issues
+ <braunr> in addition, sparc is dead
+ <rah> mmm
+ <rah> it's not totally dead
+ <rah> the T1 chips and their decendents are still in production
+ <rah> the thing is I'd like to have real hardware for the hurd
+ <rah> and if I'm going to have two machines running at once, I'd rather one
+ of them was my UltraSPARC box :-)
+ <braunr> rah: unless you work hard on it, it's unlikely you'll get it
+ <rah> braunr: of course