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+[[!tag faq/open_issues]]
+Copying baseGNU to the virtual disk works. Even booting got through but when I
+try to run native-install it never gets to the very end. First time it froze on
+*sed* package, the other time on *sysv-rc*.
+> How much memory did you configure for the [[QEMU]] system? It may simply be
+> -- I've seen this myself -- that the system runs out of memory, as at the
+> native-install stage (I think at least) swap is not yet configured and
+> enabled. What I've been doing is: boot (with -s), MAKEDEV hdWHATEVER in
+> /dev/ for the swap device, run /hurd/mach-defpager, followed by swapon
+> /dev/hdWHATEVER. Does this help?
+>> Thank You very much, more memory solved the freezing.
+[[!tag open_issue_hurd]]