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+If you feel like donating goods or money for the work the developers are doing, then we're happy to confirm that this is indeed possible. Of course we'd really like to have you working with us on the system, but if you're feeling generous we won't stop you either.
+Note that you can't donate directly to the Hurd project, but only to either the Free Software Foundation or individually to the developers. Donations to the Free Software Foundation are tax deducible, see <>.
+Another possibility is to meet with the Hurd developers at a
+[[meeting|community/meetings]] and spend them a pizza or similar.
+## <a name="Developers"> Developers </a>
+### <a name="MarcusBrinkmann"></a>[[MarcusBrinkmann]]
+... would like you to donate to the Free Software Foundation (see the top of this page) or to the [Electronic Frontier Foundation](
+### <a name="ThomasSchwinge"></a>[[Thomas_Schwinge|tschwinge]]
+Rate him and donate money to the Free Software Foundation [through Affero](
+For specifically donating to him [go here](