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@@ -16,8 +16,31 @@ Note that you can't donate directly to the Hurd project, but only to either the
Free Software Foundation or individually to the developers. Donations to the
Free Software Foundation are tax deducible, see <>.
+If you've got more money on hand than hacking time, you might consider buying
+some [maintenance points]( (EUR 10 a point) to
+help the Hurd along. From the [g10 Code](
+> Hurd Maintenance Points are special: Some of our employees are well known
+> Hurd hackers in their spare time; collected points for this program will be
+> given to them in form of paid time.
+See also this related
+And for further motivation, some words of wisdom from Marcus Brinkmann:
+> By the way, if you are more on the speculating side, then it can't harm to
+> just buy one or two maintenance points. That means that at some time I get
+> an incentive to start the hacking, and there is a chance that when I start I
+> don't stop for a while, and just continue on my private time (as I did for
+> the last five years, if I might add that ;).
Another possibility is to meet with the Hurd developers at a
-[[meeting|community/meetings]] and spend them a pizza or similar.
+[[meeting|community/meetings]] and spend them a pizza or beer or both or
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