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- 2010: [Arch Hurd](, [Initial Nix port](, [[DDE|news/2010-02-28]], Thesis: [[Generalizing mobility for the Hurd|news/2010-01-31]], [Hurd article in LWN](, [[procfs|hurd/translator/procfs]], Talk: [It’s about Freedom](,_Or_Why_you_should_care.ogv), GSoC: Debian Installer, Hurd/Viengoos on hold. 68% of the Debian packages build.
- 2011: [[GNU_Hurd_0.401|news/2011-04-01]], xkb, [Hurd in xkcd](, Graphical Debian Installer, Plans for Debian GNU Hurd in Wheezy, Hurd [bounties]( on FOSS Factory, [[Lots of attention from the press brought lots of rumors|news/2011-q2-ps]], [Talk at GHM in Paris]( ([video](, slab allocator, Continuous builds with Nix, improved build system, GSoC: [[Java|user/jkoenig/java]]. 70% of the Debian packages build.
- 2012: Half the Linux 2.6.32 network drivers build with DDE, [Continuous testing with Nix](, glibc changes pushed upstream, improved debugging, memory mapping [with red-black tree](, pthreads work, [[live-filesystem-debugging_report|news/2012-q1-q2]].
-- 2013: [Talk at FOSDEM]( 78% of the Debian packages build.
+- 2013: [Talk at FOSDEM](