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-Two quarters of the Hurd, Q3 and Q4 of 2012: *libpthread conversion*,
-*installation CDs*, *hardware compatibility*, *porting*.
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+A quarter of the Hurd, QN of YYYY: *TODO*, *TODO*, and *TODO*.
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-In November 2012, we finished the [libthreads (cthreads) to libpthread (POSIX
-Converting the Hurd libraries to the [[pthread interfaces|libpthread]] allows
-linking them together with other libraries that use this standard threading
-interface themselves. This project
-[once]( was
-begun by Vicente Hernando Ara, and later continued by Barry deFreese, Thomas
-DiModica, Thomas Schwinge, Samuel Thibault, Pino Toscano, and now brought to
-completion by Richard Braun, who could not be scared by having to resolve the
-last remaining tricky issues before the transition could be completed.
-Cyril Roelandt shared a [patch
-to fix double mutex unlocking problems. He found these using a simple script
-for [Coccinelle](, which is a [[static code analysis
-tool|open_issues/code_analysis]]. We hope to see more such changes in the
-future, and we're always interested in hearing people who have experience with
-similar tools, for example to resolve other [[open_issues/locking_issues]].
-Thomas Schwinge together with Richard Braun and Samuel Thibault [debugged and
-fixed]( a
-deadlock related to signal delivery, resulting from a regression due to earlier
-Also Samuel Thibault
-new [installation
-and a new [QEMU image](
-Additionally to using pthreads, these now offer keyboard layout configuration.
-In [[glibc]],
-Pino Toscano [implemented
-syncfs]( which
-ensures that all data in the filesystem gets written to disk, as well as
-support in [[hurd/translator/procfs]] for
-Thomas Schwinge improved the hardware compatibility of the Hurd by [identifying
-some changes contained in Linux 2.0.40, which prevents data corruption due to a
-miscalculation of the size of medium-sized disks reporting 15 heads instead of
-This fix was part of an effort to get Hurd running using a [solid-state
-Samuel Thibault improved [network card
-on busses other than 0 and 2.
-Several people ported and fixed packages, further increasing the number of
-[[hurd/running/Debian]] packages that work on the Hurd: *Svante Signell* ported
-[yodl](, and fixed
-[ntpdate]( to work
-again and
-the error handling in pflocal. *Pino Toscano* added patches for
-[fsync on
-[glibc]( which
-among others improve POSIX conformance, making it easier to write programs
-which work on GNU/Hurd and GNU/Linux. And he made the test pass for [FIFO
-sockets]( with
-mknod and
-[added]( a
-size parameter to [[hurd/translator/tmpfs]] and a [version suffix
-option]( for
-GNU Mach's configure script. *Cyril Roelandt* fixed a
-[ps]( bug, a
-documentation typo [in
-ps]( and a
-missing linker flag [in
-*Matthew Leach*
-[fixed]( a
-compilation error with older GCC versions due to duplicate type definition.
-*Ole Streicher* fixed a bug in the Makefile of ftools-fv which was
-[exposed]( by testing
-on Hurd. *Samuel Thibault*
-[removed]( the
-out-of-date floppy-warnings in the debian installer.
-So if you want to test if your favorite packages work on the Hurd and
-contribute towards making the full GNU system usable for a wider range
-of people, please [[get in contact|contact_us]] -- and maybe already
-grab the [[source code|source_repositories]].
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+This quarter [hurd hacker] [item]
+Also …
+[our hackers] …
+Mainly thanks to …
+Additionally …
+And …
+So if you want to [reason for contibuting to the Hurd],
+please [[get in contact|contact_us]] -- and maybe already grab the [[source
@@ -140,4 +55,6 @@ define interfaces for implementing in a distributed multi-server fashion the
services a traditional operating system kernel provides. [[More
+<!--see [[contributing/web_pages/news/writing_the_qoth]] for additional information on writing the QotH.-->