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contributing/web_pages/news/qoth_next: Cyril Roelandt's Coccinelle patches.
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@@ -37,10 +37,12 @@ completion by Richard Braun, who could not be scared by having to resolve the
last remaining tricky issues before the transition could be completed.
Cyril Roelandt shared a [patch
-series]( to
-fix double mutex unlocking with pthreads. We will likely see more fixes like
-these, given that the whole threading interface changed, which will expose
-previously invisible bugs.
+to fix double mutex unlocking problems. He found these using a simple script
+for [Coccinelle](, which is a [[static code analysis
+tool|open_issues/code_analysis]]. We hope to see more such changes in the
+future, and we're always interested in hearing people who have experience with
+similar tools, for example to resolve other [[open_issues/locking_issues]].
Thomas Schwinge together with Richard Braun and Samuel Thibault [debugged and
fixed]( a