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2013: incomplete timeline
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@@ -55,7 +55,7 @@ decades. There were not many people at any given time (and still not many people
today, please [[join|contributing]]!), but in the end a lot of people have
contributed one way or the other. **Thanks everybody!**
-**A GNU/Hurd Timeline**
+**An incomplete GNU/Hurd Timeline**
- 1997: Last release of the Hurd without Debian: GNU Hurd 0.2.
- 2002: GNU MIG 1.3, libio-based glibc, GNU Mach 1.3 (disks >= 10GiB), work on the transition from cthreads to pthreads starts, Hurd installation party in Heidelberg, Toronto Hurd User Group meeting, Presentation at EpX in Paris ([slides](