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Updates after the Debian GNU/Hurd 2013 release.
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### Debian GNU/Hurd
-[[!template id=note text="""#### Goal: Debian Wheezy Release Canditate
+Along with the official Debian "wheezy" release (but not as an official Debian
+release), in May 2013 the Debian GNU/Hurd team released [[Debian GNU/Hurd
There is a goal of getting Debian GNU/Hurd into shape for a technology
-preview/release candidate with Debian Wheezy (expected towards the end of 2012
-or beginning of 2013).
+preview for integration as a proper Debian release candidate.
-The *to do* list is on <>."""]]
+The *to do* list is on <>.
The following missing packages/missing functionality block a lot of other
packages, and are thus good candidates for porting, in order to increase