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* Use libz and libbz2 in libstore. See `hurd/libstore/unzip.c` etc., they should be replaced by mere calls to libraries, [[!GNU_Savannah_task 6990]]
See also the discussions on [[open_issues/exec]].
* Add `/proc/$pid/maps`. `vminfo` already has this kind of information, it's a matter of making procfs do the same. [[!GNU_Savannah_bug 32770]]
+* Move the mount/umount logic from utils/{,u}mount.c into libshouldbeinlibc.
+* Fix /proc/self. Look at the file hurd/lookup-retry.c in the glibc source code for how FS_RETRY_MAGICAL lookups work.
<a name="porting"></a>
## Porting Packages