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* Add `UTIME_NOW` and `UTIME_OMIT`. It is a matter of taking the BSD values, add the `#define`s to the proper header, and implement the support in `*_S_file_utimes` functions. Flávio Cruz has submitted a patch, now being polished.
See also [[!debbug 762677]].
-* cat /dev/null/ should fail with ENOTDIR, i.e. make libdiskfs's diskfs_S_dir_lookup properly pass the trailing / to translators (so that libtrivfs (which null is based on) trivfs_S_dir_lookup returns ENOTDIR). See also [[!debbug 785404]]
* Some translators do not support [[hurd/fsysopts]], i.e. support for the
file_get_fs_options and fsys_set_options RPCs.
* Extend `device_read`/`device_write` into supporting > 2TiB disk sizes.