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futex is done, httpfs could receive care
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file_get_fs_options and fsys_set_options RPCs.
* Extend `device_read`/`device_write` into supporting > 2TiB disk sizes.
* Make the Hurd [[hurd/console]]'s configuration use [[xkb layout/variant instead of keymap|hurd/console/discussion]].
-* Add a [[futex kernel trap|microkernel/mach/gnumach/interface#futex]] to GNU Mach.
-This can be useful for nicer locking
-primitives, including inter-process primitives. `vm_allocate` can be used as an
-example in the `gnumach` source tree for how to add a kernel trap. [[!GNU_Savannah_task 6231]]
* Add NX protection support to GNU Mach.
* Write a partfs translator, to which one gives a disk image, and
which exposes the partitions of the disk image, using parted, and
@@ -115,6 +111,7 @@ lookups|hurd/interface/dir_lookup]] work.
* Add a relatime or lazytime option to ext2fs.
* Fix our [[open_issues/symlink_translator]].
* Fix chmod on fifos: mkfifo foo ; sudo chmod g+w foo
+* Strengthen httpfs: it should append '/' to URL automatically, it should not fallback index.html itself, etc. probably a lot more small easy issues.
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## Porting Packages