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Here is a list of [[open_issues]].
+### Instant development environment
+*This is a very brief guide to get your development environment set up. Pester ArneBab @ on IRC if something does not work :)*
+* Install Qemu vie your distros packages.
+* Download the [Qemu image]( `wget`
+* Unpack it: `tar xf debian-hurd.img.tar.gz`
+* Run it: `qemu debian-hurd.img -m 512 -no-kvm-irqchip` # …irq… is a currently necessary fix due to some changes in Linux
+* `apt-get install git mercurial emacs vim`
+* `apt-get build-dep hurd gnumach`
+* `git clone git://`
+* `git clone git://`
+* `git clone git://`
+* Get more from the [repo list](
+* Read these docs.
+* Start hacking.
<a name="hurd_on_modern_microkernel"> </a>
## Hurd on a modern microkernel